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Leveling a 5X5 portion of my backyard

We are having a playgroung installed in the next few weeks. We were told that we have a six inch slope in the area that the playground is going to be installed. While this is still considered to be safe, we feel that it's not going to look very good, with the slope. What should we use to raise up that portion of the yard? Would a plain top soil be okay, or should we go with loam? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Re: Leveling a 5X5 portion of my backyard

If your area is 5'x5', it's not very large. I'd dig down from the high side enough dirt to level the pad, using a pick and a shovel. Better to set the playthings on a level pad.

Then compact the pad and cover with whatever you decide (colored gravel is an option that comes to mind). If you don't want any grass and weed growing there, cover the pad with a plastic sheet and then put your gravel.

A. Spruce
Re: Leveling a 5X5 portion of my backyard

I too vote for leveling by digging down the high side and pulling the dirt forward. Also, dj brings up another good point, if you're putting pea gravel or other "soft" landing material under the playground, you will want to level a larger area. I would go at least 2 feet in each direction, then install kickboards around it to retain the material. Keep in mind that whatever you use, the kids will be kicking it out into the yard, so gravel may not be the most suitable material if the area around it is being mowed.

Re: Leveling a 5X5 portion of my backyard

Thanks. The initial plan was raise the area around the A frame of the swings. The yard is a lot more even where the "clubhouse" is going, so we thought that it would easier to work on the smaller areas where the A frame would be. I am well aware that by asking these questions, I'm showing how little I know about home improvement, so I thank you for your patience.

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