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level (flatten) subfloor

I am painting the subfloor in my house (plese dont tell me not to, I am aware of all the issues and problems) I have taken up the carpet and cleaned the subfloor. I need to "fill" the cracks and level it out. I have read to use wood filler, caulk, flexable floor leveler, bondo, basically everything. I read here w.askthebuilder.com/painting-floors-really-works-well
that you need something hard to fill the space but wouldnt the filler crack? I have seen flexible floor patch and leveler but will it be hard enough?

any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: level (flatten) subfloor

You have to leave the gaps, they are required for expansion or the floors will buckle or simply blow the walls out at the exterior line. You can't take away the expansion gap. It's physics.

Re: level (flatten) subfloor

What are the "cracks" you are talking about? What kind of subfloor do you have?
If they are the spaces or gaps between the subfloor sheets then they have to stay as explained above.
Besides painting the subfloor, what else are you planning on doing?
More info is needed.


we had to remove the carpet and pad due to a previous owner's dog urine. I have removed the carpet and pad, cleaned the floors and primed them to seal anything left over. I am planing to use an oil based floor paint and possibly a few layers of varathane. it doesnt have to last forever, just until we can can afford some 'real" floor. For the most part the floor is fairly level I just want to make it look nicer. It is a basic plywood subfloor. We actually removed the carpet and pad about 6 months ago and I taped the carpet back in until I could decide what to do. The subfloor has been fine and we havent had any problems with it.
Now that it is getting warmer here I am noticing the issue in other rooms also so it is going to be a much bigger job than anticipated.
The floor shouldnt "pop" if it is something flexible but why would the "builder" website say you could use something that would harden. I guess I could just ask on thier website but I have refered people to this site before and look forward to an outsiders opinion!

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