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Less slippery asphalt diveway.

MY asphalt driveway gets no sun in the winter and I find a thin layer of ice can be dangerously slippery. Is there a product or an additive that can be mixed into the seal coat that would help increase the texture of the driveway?

Re: Less slippery asphalt diveway.

Salt will de-ice your driveway ice. Keep in mind that salt on the driveway may or may not bring new problems, such as rust.

I read somewhere that new airports in Canada install in-concrete heating, to help eliminate ice on runways and taxiways.

Re: Less slippery asphalt diveway.

I use an ice melter that isn't salt. Safestep ###. They make a few different kinds. Supposed to be safer on concrete than salt. It works pretty well. Not as messy either as salt.
I know of no coating to put on asphalt that will do what you want. I had pine trees on the south side of my driveway that shaded it in the winter so the ice never melted too. I finally cut them down. I couldn't be happier that I got rid of them. Even in the dead of winter when it's still below freezing, if the driveway gets down to blacktop it melts and drys up.
I also have a pair of of yaktrax that I can put on my shoes if things are nasty.

Re: Less slippery asphalt diveway.

Thanks for the replies. I had the new driveway installed this past fall. I noticed that the slightly rougher surface helped decrease the slipping danger (it has not been sealed yet). I was hoping there was a product like the grit added to floor paint, that would help. In years past the seal coat was very smooth and add a little rime ice to that and down you go. I would like to reduce the salt I use because of the pavers that are nearby and also I noticed that the salted driveway doesn't seem to dry as quickly compared to when I did not use salt. (I usually use calcium chloride)

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