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Lennox furnace intermittently ignites very briefly

I have a Lennox g61 (about 13 years old) that ignites for just a split second before the valve shuts again. Sometimes only the right tube will light  - a really brief, split-second flame and then the valve appears to shut off.  Sometimes the right 2-3 tubes will light for a split-second and then shut off.  And sometimes the furnace ignites - usually after a power cycle or 2.

I don't think the flame sensor is the issue as any flame lasts for just a split second.  

I did have a tech look at it over the weekend and he believes it's the gas valve.  He tested the gas pressure and found it low (I don't recall how low).  The company is ordering a new gas valve.

I fear that this might not solve the problem and I will be stuck in call back hell.  Plus, I am curious if this is at all common with the Lennox G61 and/or the Honeywell valve that appears to be the issues. 


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