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LED lighting

On one of the recent episodes of ToH for the Newton Project, they were showing LED lighting products.

Unfortunately, I can't find any reference to suppliers of these products.

I was able to Google and find the recessed lights at www.creelighting.com. However, the other products are not easily found.

Does anyone have info on the other LED products used in the show?


Re: LED lighting

I have seen them at home depot.

Re: LED lighting

Home depot has Philips LED bulbs. Search around on google and you can find plenty, such as Crane, Etc.

The disadvantage of LED currently is the price, a lot more then CFLs. One other disadvantage is that most LED lights only meet current CFL efficiencies in the watts per lumens catagory, and those only for white LEDs. Warm temperature LEDs (closest to tungsten which I personally prefer for indoor lighting) are around 2/3rds as efficient as CFLs. Well, there are some LEDs available that beat CFL efficienies, but I haven't see any in a bulb configuration (just in lose LEDs you'd have to put together for a bulb).

Though regardless LEDs are instantly at full output instead of taking 1-2 minutes to come up to full brightness and also last longer.

The claimed 10 times more efficient then incandescent (flourescent lighting being 4-5 times more efficient) is really just in small, low output LEDs for the most part that aren't going to make up a bulb (unless you want a 4 inch bulb). There are some that output more light and are as efficient, but they haven't made their way in to actual commercially available light bulbs that I have seen.

The day they surpase CFLs in actual efficiency for a warm color temperature bulb is the day I start buying them and darned the cost (okay, at least for a few applications).

Re: LED lighting

Holey mackeral,I just about crapped when they said $200 for a 2ft stip used for under counter lighting.
Seems to me there's some gouging in the prices.LEDs have been around for years in electronics and they were a dime a dozen.

Re: LED lighting

For really bright LEDs the price is pretty sky high. They aren't that cheap though, going on a bulk price a 600mcd LED is around $2 per and a strip is probably going to have 30-60 LEDs of about that brightness in it, so that is $60-120 for 'loose' LEDs to make that strip. Really dim LEDs that you'd see say as indicator lights are cheap, half a dozen to the dollar, but bright ones are much more expensive. Plus you have to have voltage converters, AC to DC transformers, etc all built in to the strip/bulb and a profit margin.

Re: LED lighting

You can buy LED light bulbs almost everywhere now, but not too many people are buying them as anything more than a curiosity.

At $30 per bulb, they're just not an economical option.

Re: LED lighting
Nestor wrote:

At $30 per bulb, they're just not an economical option.

If I recall correctly (from this episode), LEDs are low-wattage and long-lasting (15+ yrs!), making a $30 bulb a bargain in the long run.

Re: LED lighting


You're right, except you don't have any guaranties that these lights will work 15 years.

Judging from past experience, new technologies have only one purpose: to make big companies richer, by selling very expensive products over and over and over again, to the same folks who just want to save a few pennies on electrical consumption.

Re: LED lighting

Billy, dj is right on about warranties and return on investment.
I have trouble returning bad bulbs in the carton, with a receipt, where I buy tons of them, after a week. But, if an LED cost $30 and lasted 15 years and was installed in a fixture 15 feet off the floor I would consider it a bargain!

Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
Maurice Turgeon, http://thesemi-retiredelectrician.com

Re: LED lighting

I have been retrofitting LEDs in scenic elements for staging and homes for a few years now, and I can tell you that the warm white LEDs that look just like incandescent seem the way to go for under-cabinet lighting. If anyone is interested, feel free to visit my site to take a look at some of the work I have done and samples of the warm white LED tape. Visit my profile for my link or reply

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