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learning to pitch

I saw a 12x16 shed in a catalogue that I liked but couldn't afford the $14k price tag, so I decided to build it myself - my first attempt at a project on that scale, and only scaling froma photograph of the finished building. I framed and erected the walls with no problem, then looked around at my garage house and barn, all of which had 6/12 roof pitches, and proceeded to frame and sheath the roof with the same. When I was finished sheathing, I stepped back to look at it and realized it did not look quite right. Another look at the photograph convinced me I should have framed it as a 9/12. I debated for a day, asked my wife, and finally decided I couldn't live with it, so off it all came, and away to the scrap pile went the remains. The new roof I think looks like it belongs there. What do you think?

Re: learning to pitch

Well it looks pretty nice to me. I'd have you build one on my lot, but it would likely show up my house.:)
What was the price tag for the DIY project? No doubt it's better built at even the same price.

A. Spruce
Re: learning to pitch

Very nicely done, and kudo's for thinking outside the box on the design. Looks great.

Sean M.
Re: learning to pitch

That looks sharp. I like the shutters and the cupola. Is that a pergola on the side too? You went all out. It sure looks good though.

The transom window is a nice touch too, it looks like an old barn.

Re: learning to pitch

:) Oh, I love your building, its very appealing. I can imaging spending many hours puttering around in it. The roof looks fine, compliments the rest of the structure.

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