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Leaning Japanese Maple

My Japanese Maple tree seems to be leaning to the left. Should I try to straighten it or will it eventually upright itself?

Re: Leaning Japanese Maple

They often lean. Sometimes toward the sun. They are a more horizontal growing tree by their nature

Re: Leaning Japanese Maple

It may lean because the rootball rotated in the soil because of the wind. Trees should be generally staked for a year or so for the roots to root in. You might be able to right it and stake it for a while. Fertilize it at the dripline & out to encourage roots to expand. The tree won't right itself, but as long as it doesn't rotate more, it may grow straight from that point. I do see Japanese maples growing crooked. Probably their habit.

Re: Leaning Japanese Maple

When it comes to Japanese Maples, a leaning trunk is often a desirable trait. Many Japanese gardeners will train the trunk to lean, particularly with the miniature varieties in a small garden setting.

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