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Leaky sliding patio door

Moisture is coming from under the sliding patio door frame at the corner or near the corner and it's ruining my baseboards.  And probably rotting the 2x4s in the wall.  Then interior picture is where the moisture is seaping in at from under the frame.  I never actually find water, just moisture.  If I stick a paper towel in that spot and pull it out after it's rained then it's very damp.

Re: Leaky sliding patio door

I suspect that there is slght leakage where the sill extrusion meets the verticle jamb extrusion. I would try cleaning out the that corner and then laying down a bead of silicon caulk in the corner. However, do check out all the caulking on the outside, including all the way on top. Water can travel a long distance and dump out far from its point of entry. Check the caulking at the rain cap on top of the door and all along the casing. My favorite caulk for exteriors is one of the urethane caulks, such as Vulkem or Sonneborne. If you pull that exterior casing, it might be obvious where the point of water origin is.

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