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leaky roof

ihave a1971 manufactured home with metal roof what is the best way stop the leak and seal the roof?

Re: leaky roof

First you must ensure that nothing is loose or rusted out. Then you apply a coating of "Cool Seal" (as it's generically called though it's a brand name) to the entire roof. At the edges get down to the top edge of but not into the drip channels ( a narrow "J" shaped strip attached to the sides). This stuff is messy and being tar-based, you cannot paint over is so don't drip any down the sides or it's there forever, even Kilz won't stop it from bleeding through. Use a roller to apply it, a paintbrush at the edges, and throw it all away when done. If you get any on your clothes or shoes toss them too- it's more cost and effort to clean than to replace. You've never seen a messier substance so be careful with it. On skin paint thinner will remove most of it, then wash with a strong dish soap to get the thinner off. Easier to not get any on you or anything you don't want covered. BTW, did I say this stuff is messy?

In shadier areas you may get 10 years life from this but the sun degrades it so you may need to redo it every 5 years. I used to come only in silver but they make it in white now. It's essentially aluminized tar thinned to a paintable consistency, and it's the messiest stuff ever made, as you'll discover. If you go up on the roof to DIY this, stand only on the rafters and bracing or you may go through the metal. These are usually on 24" centers and they are not strong so keep as near to the sides as you can, avoiding the middle. If a limb falls on the roof you can touch that area up if needed with more. If a limb has made a hole it can be patched from above with metal and self-tapping screws then coated with this messy stuff.

Any needed ceiling repairs are another story altogether, especially if it has full-width ceiling panels instead of sheetrock ceilings. I hope you're OK there; some parts of trailers are a can of worms you just don't ever want to get into.


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