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Leaky Roof

I live in a 60 year old brick row home in Baltimore, Maryland. For quite some time, I have had a roof leak between my house and my neighbor's that's worsening. Caulking has not resolved the problem. Also, recently noticed ice & frost over entire front half of attic celing. Neither roofer wants to take the repair responsibility although I have a 25 year warranty still in effect. There is damage to the interior ceiling, a potential fire hazzard due to electrical wiring in attic, and the potential of mold. My question is how can I get the problem identified and resolved?

Re: Leaky Roof

"Neither roofer wants to take the repair responsibility although I have a 25 year warranty still in effect"

Tell us more about your roof, things like type, age, who installed it. Do you have any written warranty from the installer/roofer?

Generally speaking, the 20, 30, 50 year warranties shingle manufacturers give you are basically against material failures or workmanship/production faults, which are hard to prove.
Labor - not covered.
Wind damage - not covered.
Poor/wrong installation - not covered.
Additional damages due to leaks - not covered.
So as you see, the mfg has many ways to deny claims.

I would make this guess: you are all alone here. If you get a new roofer to fix your leak, you need to pay him, and once again with short or no warranty.

Roof leaks should never be ignored and must be dealt with at the first sign. They also never fix themselves.

Re: Leaky Roof

Or you can get it fixed by a third company, taking pictures all along the way.

Then sue both companies for the full amount and let a judge sort it out. You'll get their attention real fast.

Re: Leaky Roof

25 year warranty is for manufacturing defects on the shingle. Most roofers will only cover their labor for a year or two, then it is between you and the shingle manufacturer. The only way around this I can see is if you can prove some sort of fraud, as in a blatant code violation or something that was written into the contract that wasn't done which made the roof vunlerable to moisture issues.

If someone has been up there trying to bury the problem with caulk, most roofers also write a clause into their labor warranty saying a condition of them honoring it is that they must be given an opportunity to inspect and diagnose the problem before anybody touches or alters their work in any way. If someone else has been up there screwing around with it before the roofer got a chance to take a look, there is no clear way to tell whether the issue was created by a bad install or something someone else has done up there since the roof was put on.

Caulk does not permanently stop roof leaks. At best, it is a short term patch that usually gives out again unless you get up there regularly to replace any that is worn. Replacement of worn, improperly installed, or defective roofing materials is what stops roof leaks. Standard asphalt shingle roofs are not water proof, they are designed to work with flashings to shed water before it has an opportunity to leak in. Throw big piles of caulk on top of it without being really neat and smooth with it and what tends to happen is the patch material impedes the flow of water down the roof and off the edge, holding it there until it leaks in some other way.

Call the roofer back. Tell him if he'll help you you'll pay his diagnostic fee and gladly cover the cost for labor and materials for a fix. I'm sure he'll be right over.

Re: Leaky Roof

You have a 25 year warrantee that is still in effect, that could mean that the shingles are 24 years old. How old is this roof, you may need to just hire a roofing contractor to replace the whole thing.

If you have the brick fire stops that go several feet above the roof, then the leak could also be in the bricks. They may need repointing. But more than likely, the issue is with the flashing. If the roof is fairly recent, was teh flashing replaced or reused?

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