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Leaky Lawn???

I recently cleared my backyard which is a gently sloping plot ending at the shoreline of a marsh. I cleared about a 1/4 of an acre of lightly wooded, but severly overgrown vegitation. I used a bobcat to dig up and/or pop out the stumps. After clearing the land I noticed that I have a growing wet spot in the backyard. It's not bubbling or even trickling but it just wont dry up at all. I have a lot of ledge, is it possible that digging with the bobcat damaged, cracked, ect the ledge and this is "ledge water"? I have septic, but on the opposite end of the property and like the old unused well neither is anywhere near the spot, it doesnt smell and the water is fairly clear. Any ideas how to fix, what is might be, who to call?

Re: Leaky Lawn???

Could be almost anything---there may have been a drain pipe that you disturbed that was carrying water or waste to a lower point (the water).

Since you note you live on sloping land that goes down to a marsh, it's common to have rainwater enter the higher elevation ground & flow thru the subsoil (sandstone) for miles until it reaches an impervious layer of shale rock & surfaces, or flows to a water table in a permanent body of water (pond, lake, ocean).

Such outflows are known as SEEPS or SPRINGS, HILLSIDE SPRINGS, ARTESIAN SPRINGS, etc. when they reach the earth's surface, as on your property.

The ledge or impervious rock you have nearby may prevent the SEEP from exiting directly under the rock, but appear at its lower edges.

You can Google the terms listed for further info and diagram maps of how sub-surface water flows downhill---- perhaps get a sample to take to your local health dept. to see if the water is clean or dirty (coliform count).

Contact your local town hall to see if they have any plat maps of pipes that may have been installed under your property.

If the flow increases during wet weather, it's probably a natural SEEP.

It can be very difficult & expensive to try & stop or divert seeps & springs---most people just live with it if the flow isn't too great.


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