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Leaky Faucet

I have leaky faucet @ bathtub and people are saying that if you want to change the faucet without opening the wall, you have to use same company and model series.
But mine doesn't have any name on it. I guess it is some kind of generic replacement. It one pull know with turning left for hot and right for cold.
Does any one know where I can find one like this or have suggestion.
Thanks in advance.

A. Spruce
Re: Leaky Faucet

If all you're trying to do is stop the leak, then you can likely achieve that by rebuilding the faucet, which isn't all that difficult, however without discerning marks you'll have to take the parts with you to the store, which means no water to the house until the repair is complete.

  1. Turn of water main to the house
  2. Open a sink faucet to relieve the pressure on the system.
  3. Remove the shower handle.
  4. Under the shower handle should be a nut or a clip to remove which will allow the internals of the valve to be removed.
  5. Take internals to the store and match up new parts
  6. Install new parts
  7. Turn on water and check for leaks.
Re: Leaky Faucet

Thank you Spruce.
I guess we have to live without water for 2 hours at least.

A. Spruce
Re: Leaky Faucet

When you disassemble the valve, keep an eye out for any discerning markings to indicate what brand/model the valve is. Even a logo will be helpful in identifying it.

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: Leaky Faucet

Reads like you might have a shower control like we used to have in the second bathroom. Ours was a moen. There was a plastic disk or button thing on the center of the handle that had to be carefully pried off then under that was a screw that held the handle on a post which when unscrewed the handle slipped off. Some handles have set screws on the underside of the handles that hold the handles to the control stem like what was in the first bathroom, that one had a set screw to hold the spout and a threaded button cap on the handle not a pry off one. With the Moen one, when the handle was removed it exposed two screws that held on a concave plate that was against the tile, had to cut through the caulk that was behind the edge of it to the tile, to see the valve mixer thing.

Oh, if you have a lower level after you turn off the house water main, open the faucets (turn on) and open the outside hose faucets and all of them in the bathroom above to drain out the water in the pipes first before you start.

Reason why is to let air in the pipes so the water comes out. Otherwise water backed up in between the control and the shower head will leak out on you or in the wall cavity when you pull out the cartridge and don't forget to close all those faucets when you turn the water back on.

Re: Leaky Faucet

Thanks again Spruce & Moon Over

chrissy d
Re: Leaky Faucet

i also have a leaky bathroom tub faucet, when you shut shower off water still comes out, drips, but stops eventually.

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