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Mike R
Leaks in PVC drain pipe

I have just installed a new drian for a upstairs laundry sink. A couple of the glued fittings are leaking in the pvc pipe going down to the basement.
Is there anyway to stop the leaks other than remove all the pipe and start over?
Is there a way to make sure you won't have leaks before you put it in for good?


Re: Leaks in PVC drain pipe

Nope -cut and add couplings.you could add pvc unions if you have room but its just as well to redo and make sure you use primer and hold and twist a little after glueing the fittings

Mike R
Re: Leaks in PVC drain pipe

I stop at a local Menards store and asked if the leaks could be stopped. They told me the same thing you did, but if I wanted to try something and am real lucky it might work. So far it has. My three small leaks have stop. They (Menards) told me to try putting on more cleaner and glue, making sure to push it into the connections. So far so good...no leaks!
Mike R

ps. the guy at Menards store in West Allis, Wi. was Matt, that told me to try this.

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