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Leaking toilet or Leaking pipe

Hi, all,

I am purchasing a house recently. During the inspection, the inspector spotted some water on the basement floor. He thinks it may be due to the leaking pipe or condensation from the refrigerator upstair. However, after I talked to the owner, he said that in the powder room above the basement, when the flipper in the toilet stuck, the water will keep running and some water may back flow and drip down to the basement. If the toilet flushed properly, no water will drip to the basement. From our conversation, I feel that the dripping has nothing to do with the flipper in the toilet, it is more likely that the seal is broken. Can someone tell me that my gussing is right? how hard is it to fix it by myself? if the plumber is called in, how much does it cost to fix it? or should I back out of the purchse? Thank you for your advise.

Re: Leaking toilet or Leaking pipe

The leak could be coming from many sources. Wax seal, broken flange, pipe, toilet supply or thank to bowl gasket. Start by looking up stairs around the toilet. All of these are no reason to not buy the home by them self. If your that concerned have a plumber look at it and give you an estimate to make the repair.


Re: Leaking toilet or Leaking pipe

very odd to have the inspector say it may be from the fridge and the owner say it's the toilet -- unless the two are back to back upstairs it would seem from the basement you would be able to tell where to investigate depending what's above that spot in the basement.

If it is from the toilet area it would be a good idea to check the underside of the subfloor for rot --- providing the subfloor is visable form the basement. Otherwise, you could end up with a major repair of the floor --- or an unexpected bathroom remodel.

If the rest of the house checks fine then make a condition in your offer to have the leak fixed by a professional plumber ( receipt of proof ).

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