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Leaking supply pipe under sink

Hello all!

Here is the dilemma:I replaced the shut off valve for the hot water supply under the bathroom sink.It's 1/2 pvc.I cut the pipe and glued the coupler to the pipe and the other end is threaded into the new valve.Easy peasy.But now  the glue joint leaks because the pipe was continuing to seep water as I was trying to glue it.And yes the water was shut off and I opened all other taps to drain the lines.I don't know how to go about getting the pipe emptied of water.I tried to wick it out with a rag just far enough so the outside of the pipe would remain dry,but the water continues to well up and spill down the sides.I've replaced valves before and have never had this problem before.So how can I get the water level in this pipe to recede a little?

Re: Leaking supply pipe under sink

Sounds like the shut off valve is working correctly. Use some Rain or shine PVC adhesive it is Blue in color works in water.

Did you you use a primer ?

Re: Leaking supply pipe under sink

Yes,used a primer:( I'll try the blue rain or shine tomorrow.Thanks!I think after I shut the water off I'll shut off the water heater and also run the hot water out of the washer.It may help?I don't know where else any pressure would come from on that line.

Re: Leaking supply pipe under sink

UPDATE!I turned off the water heater and no change.Then released the pressure valve on the heater.Success!Makes sense now.

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