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leaking shower track

I have a shower that is leaking into the neighboring drywall. I believe it is the curved door track that is the culprit. I have stripped away the old caulking, and I'm preparing to re-caulk. I stripped away caulk that was in the track and at the base of the wall jamb. I have read about weep holes, and am not sure if I should re-caulk everywhere where there previously was caulk. Based on the images linked to below, can anyone advise me as to whether I have a weep hole, or whether or should be caulking the whole area?

I'm a little surprised to see the gap between the track and the wall jamb. Does that look correct, or is the whole thing not installed properly?

Thanks in advance!



Re: leaking shower track

You can try (emphasis on 'try') the following;

1- Remove as much caulk as you can.
2- Clean it like you never have before
3- Dry it thoroughly with compressed air, box fans, time...
4- Use only 100% silicone and caulk on the inside only of the shower where the shower panels come together. The track gets caulked on the outside. (so the water that gets in the track drains back in)

When that fails, install a properly waterproofed, tiled shower.

The problem with these pre-made enclosures; people think they will never leak. You just lernt that isn't true. The showers we build come with a lifetime warranty against leaking. Just sayin....

Re: leaking shower track

Pay attention to Houston's point #4. You can't seal water out of a space, but you sure can seal it in. Any water that gets in between the track/jamb and the fiberglass unit -- and it will get in there no matter how you try to keep it out -- will need to have a way to get out. It's better if it goes to the side with the drain.

Re: leaking shower track

From the pics, you need to do a total clean out and remodel, as mentioned before. Pics #3 and #4 show all kinds of ways for water to escape. It's going to be hard to clean, but be patient knowing that you are doing it for yourself...

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