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Leaking shower question

The caulk around the inside of my shower was starting to grow mold underneath it so I decided to recaulk it. I stripped the caulk where the shower wall meets the shower base and discovered that there was mold around the entire perimeter.

The problem seems to be the joint where the metal threshold meets the wall. See the first photo where I've pointed a screwdriver at the right corner.

I noticed that a little panel at that corner was loose so I pulled it out and there I found some water damage. See second photo with a closeup of the area. That yellowish vertical strip is where the shower door goes. I had to take it off to see the area.

My question is whether that aluminum threshold (silver colored in the closeup) is capped at the end? It's about 1" tall with holes facing the inside of the shower so it catches water and drains there. If this threshold piece is capped then I can rest assured that the leak was just between it and the wall and I can just caulk well around it and be done.

If however it is not capped, it means there could be a leak inside the threshold at the wall. Then that means I have to remove the whole piece and caulk which is a much bigger task since that means disassembling the shower glass too.

My guess is it's not capped since it's just an aluminum extrusion and it was probably cut to fit the shower, leaving the ends open.

Hope that all made sense. Thanks for the help.

Re: Leaking shower question

Your guess is pretty accurate. The threshhold is just an extruded piece of aluminum with no cap. If I were doing it, I'd pull up the whole threshhold, clean things out really well, and recaulk it. I'd use silicon on it. Since you've done such a good job of stripping out the caulking everywhere else, you might as well make it a complete job and get the threshhold done too so you won't have to worry about any of it for a few years. You may also want to spray some bleach into the crack to kill off some of the mold that may be there.

Good Luck.

Re: Leaking shower question

Thanks for the confirmation. That'll be my project for the week :)

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