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Leaking pipe disaster

A friend came over to our house and used the third floor bathroom. We didn't realise that there was a huge problem with that toilet. When the friend flushed it it started to pour out water, whiched leaked through the floor and ceiling to the second floor bedroom beneath it and down to the kitchen beneath that. As much of the water was mopped up as possible, but we're worried about mold growing in between the floors. Is there anything we can do to prevent this aside from ripping out all the wet stuff and replacing it?

Re: Leaking pipe disaster

If all areas that got wet are dried up quickly, there's little chance for mold to become a problem. If you notice any swelling of the bathroom floor, it indicates that you may have particle board underlayment. This underlayment will need to be replaced. When you get moisture between the floors such as this, it's helpful to cut small openings in the ceiling drywall to get air circulation into the joist cavities until it dries out. Of course, that means repairing the drywall. But I doubt you'll have to rip up the bathroom floor. A one-time water event rarely causes long-term damage to wood.

Were you able to identify the problem and correct it to prevent a repeat disaster?

Re: Leaking pipe disaster

We were lucky that the friend that used the toilet is a plumber, and he's coming to fix it very soon. For now the water to that bathroom is shut off to keep it from leaking anymore and no one is using it. He thinks it's a seal leak, but won't know for sure until he actually gets in there and looks.

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