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Leaking patio door / Door sill

We recently (3 months ago) had a patio door installed in our house by a certified Anderson contractor. While everything seems to function well, in one corner of the patio door, we noted a tiny leak. We never saw any water coming into the house (even with very strong rain), but it's apparent that some water is coming through because of the water stains.

Picture 1 shows the inside of the house zooming onto the leak. While the dry wall is now up, the leak is not happening from above the patio door -- I think it is coming from the sill outside (picture 2). The sill on the outside is wooden. We tried to seal up any gaps with latex sealant.

I assume that the contractor installed and sealed everything properly for the patio door but I am wondering how we can eliminate the problem. Could it be that the sill is wooden on the outside and we should put vynal cover on top?

Re: Leaking patio door / Door sill

I would call the contractor, if the door is not properly installed it should be his responsibility.

Re: Leaking patio door / Door sill

Unless the pics are deceiving me or my eyes/brain are...it appears that the exterior sill doesn't have any slope down & away (to the outside). Can't see or tell what goes on between the storms and the prime doors, but if the situation there is the same....that is also contributing, most likely.

If what I perceive and suspect is the case, then rainwater is likely entering this area under the storm/screen doors (or under a commonly shared threshold) and thru the screens themselves... if you have screens in one or both locations. If/when water pools in between the doors (or sneaks in under a commonly shared threshold), then it would be little wonder that some is finding a crack and entering to the interior.

Again, *if* this is the case ...the doors should never have been installed before first correcting the lack of sill slope problem. There may be other problems as well.

Tough to give definite answers and remedies about this type of situation from this distance. On site, the actual problems/faults would be pretty easy to find, I suspect.

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