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Re: Leak under cold water handle when hot water is on
dj1 wrote:

You left out one important piece of information: Do you have the same leak when the cold water is on?

From what you described, you may have a worn out valve stem on the cold side. Call Kohler and explain your situation, they might send you a replacement part under their warranty, and if they don't, install a Delta or a Moen instead, two reliable companies which still offer life time warranty on all their products.

Kohler has a life time warranty on the cartridge since 1997. The faucet is still in the line but the cartridge has been redesigned and so have the handles to accomodate the revision. Kohler is seding two cartridges and two new handles at no cost to me. The only rub is the month long wait since the finish needs to be run especially for this repair. This is the second time Kohler has impressed me with warranty repairs. I am planning low flow toilets to replace the 3 gallon models(MaP has been consulted) This servicemade the choice of Kohler vs. American Standard much easier.

Re: Leak under cold water handle when hot water is on

This was exactly my problem! Thanks for the info; makes perfect sense.

After changing out so many parts of this Kohler faucet over the last nine years, I’m finally taking the thing out and installing another brand—just as I’ve had to do with every single other Kohler product we put in our home. Kohler should remember that form follows function!


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