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Leak through ceiling!

I have a leak through my ceiling from my ONLY bathroom with a shower in my house. Please help! I had a plumber come over to advise me on what I should do, and he looked at the shower/tub that has a curtain and said that it needs to be re-tiled. This is because there is a piece of wood around the lip of the tub rather than having the lip of tub connect directly to the tile. Hopefully, you can picture this. My house is really old, and when I bought the house, it looked as like they had painted over all the tile and tub, which is now peeling off. What are my options for fixing this? My plumber said that I will need to have someone re-tile the base of the shower where it meets the tub, but it will be hard to match the tile because it's so old. He said that caulking it is a temporary fix, and because this is my only shower, I want it done right. I also want it done quickly. Any feedback would be great! Thanks in advance!

Re: Leak through ceiling!

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A cheap quick fix involves sheet plastic and duct tape. They make some really cool colors of duct tape these days. :D

Yes, you really need to take the tile down to the studs and re-do the entire surround using a waterproofing membrane. Yes it costs money. That's why the previous home owner didn't want to fix it either.

Re: Leak through ceiling!

Put off fixing a leak from an upstairs bathroom, and your damages will triple.

I hope that your plumber gave you the correct diagnose, and if that's the case, you need to find a reliable tile guy, to re-do the tile work around the tub. If you can't match the old tile, choose something close or re-do the entire wall. There are no other choices.

Re: Leak through ceiling!

i would say why dont you try M SEAL its a potten base solution which will surely help you just apply it on leakage portion and let it get dry for a hour it really works and if the problem dosnt goes from it then you will have to change your tile and fix the new one after the construction of leakage pipe

Re: Leak through ceiling!

If you don't want to deal with this again then there is no quick inexpensive fix. If you plan on staying in that house you need to bite the bullet and rip out the entire bathroom, or at the very least rip out the bath surround and do it over, waste lines, feeds, and waterproof tile installation.

Don't forget to open up the ceiling beyond the visible signs of the leak and allow to dry and don't patch until you are finished with the bath fix. This will also give you access to some of the plumbing.

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