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Leak porch floor into basement

I have a leak on the porch floor coming through to the basement wall. The floor has a row of rowlock brick around the outside edge. The floor was poured over a steel form deck with rebar. The water appears to be coming in the joint between the concrete and the brick.

The brick was laid on top the 12” concrete block basement wall first. Steel form was then laid on top that same block wall and rebar added. Concrete was poured and finished level with the top of the brick. I haven’t been able to see it during a rain but it appears there are places where water could puddle and not drain completely over the brick. Prior to pouring the concrete, laundry detergent was applied to the brick because the brick mason told our contractor that it would prevent the concrete from sticking to the brick and make clean-up easier.

After curing the concrete appears bonded to the brick in a few places but for most of it there is a very slight gap between the concrete and the brick. After seeing water on the inside of the basement wall in late Nov. I cleaned up the edge of the gap with a chisel and applied Dap brand concrete caulk to fill the gap. When I checked it again in late Dec. it is still leaking but I can’t tell if it’s less than before. After examining the cured caulk, I can’t be certain it made a watertight seal or bond.

What can I do to stop the leak? Any repair is complicated by fiberglass columns which sit across the brick concrete joint about every 8’

Harold Wilson

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