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Leak Detection Systems

Does anyone have experience with the many manufacturers of these products?

Re: Leak Detection Systems

Can you be more specific?

Re: Leak Detection Systems

Our insurance company has "requested" that we install a "leak detection system". I was given a list of several different types of systems. Most have a gizmo that goes on the main water pipe coming into the house with little radio monitors wherever water may collect. One system had an automatic dial-up to inform us of the problem while shutting off the water.
Just looking for anyone having experience with these systems.

Re: Leak Detection Systems

Anyone out there who deals with these leak detection systems?

I don't understand why leak sensors need to be placed throughout the house. You are at the mercy of (did I place a mat everywhere possible a leak could occur?)

Is there a sensor which attaches to water main and detects leaks SOLEY by the water which goes through this ONE sensor? Yes, you will have some idle draw due to evaporation. This may exceed the amount of water used by a leak but I DOUBT IT.

Simply put, the alert system would record household water usage each minute. The alert module would have a 2 hour look back and if EACH of those minutes exceeded a certain amount of consumption (set to a low amount), you know you've probably got a leak. (with a few exceptions)


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