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Leak behind the wall

I know nothing about plumbing but am someone that will learn and do anything.:o I am a woman and need help. I have figured out in the past how to replace the garbage disposal with great success! So I have faith I can do this too.
I have a leak in my shower... If I run the water to fill the bathtub there is no leak behind the wall. However, if I run the shower it does start leaking behind the wall into the downstairs.:mad: I have already replaced the overflow drain in the tub thinking that that might be it because this couldn't be tightned anymore, it was rusted out behind it. The problem is still there.
PLEASE help me. I would really like to get this taken care of without calling a plumber.


Re: Leak behind the wall

From your discription, I would check the connections and pipe from the diverter valve to the showerhead.

Re: Leak behind the wall

Ditto Jacks suggestion.

Another consideration would be to see if the leak is occurring from the wall or the fixtures trim plates. Since these are generally higher on the wall from the tub .... water may be splashing around these and getting in behind when showering.

If you have a hand held shower attachment ... try holding it in the tub while running it to see if the leaking still happens .... if it does then it's pretty much as Jack recommends.

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