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Leak around bathroom ceiling fan

There appears to be a slow leak around our bathroom ceiling fan/heater. The drywall has spots on it from a leak but we can't find the source. There is a vent through the attic but no water should enter that, correct? There also does not appear to be any wet area(s) in the attic near this vent.

Please advise re: possible causes of a leak in this area.


A. Spruce
Re: Leak around bathroom ceiling fan

Most likely the moisture in the vented air is condensing on the inside of the exhaust duct and running back to the fan and dripping out. Possibly fixes would be to reroute duct so that it cannot do this. Insulate the duct to keep the moisture in suspension longer so that it exhausts to outside.

Re: Leak around bathroom ceiling fan

Thank you for your suggestions. I will share them with my husband and hope to be able to fix the problem before it damages the drywall.

I appreciate constructive comments and prefer that those who have personal agendas -- and negative energy -- do not share them here.

Again, many thanks to those of you who offered ideas to help us resolve this issue.

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