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Leaf/Grass Bag Funnel/support

On a recent Ask This Old House you showed a foldable cardboard leaf bag funnel/support. I'd like to obtain some of those to help me bag up my grass clippings. From what retailer/home store are they available?

I must use the kraft paper bags for leaf and grass removal in my community.

A. Spruce
Re: Leaf/Grass Bag Funnel/support

Why not use something more durable and better suited for the job, like a 33 gallon plastic garbage can? Put your bag inside the can and fill as desired. You can also drill some holes around the perimeter of the can to make the bag easier to put in and out.

Better yet, why bag the debris at all, just toss it into your normal garbage, green waste bin, or what-have-you. Bagging debris is unnecessary and only adds to the burden of disposal, particularly if the green waste is recycled by your municipality.

Re: Leaf/Grass Bag Funnel/support

More and more cities and towns around the country stop collecting grass clippings and require homeowners to use mulcher mowers.

Why not get yourself a mulcher mower and be the first on your block to kick the kraft paper bag habit. You will save money. You will save your lower back too.

A. Spruce
Re: Leaf/Grass Bag Funnel/support

We compost all our own grass clippings and kitchen green waste, then use it in the veggie and flower gardens. Fall leaves are collected and composted as well The only thing we send to municipal green waste recycling is stick and twiggy things like bush and tree prunings. We have a large yard with very little waste that leaves the premises.

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