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Laying new threads and risers

I want to lay down new threads and risers. Can I use 2 1/4 trim screws thru the threads into the stringers and the same for the risers? I know the head( sq head) is small but I will be able to fill in the head easier. I will be using constructive adhesive on the back side of the thread where they meet the stringer.Or do I use braids for the risers or finishing nails for threads and risers and what size would I use?

Re: Laying new threads and risers

for the screws i would buy a tapered counter sink bit so you can counter bore as well, this will allow you to use wood plugs to fill the holes from drilling. for screwing the riser to the back of the tread you can use 2" even 1 3/4 screws, or 2" finish nails, use plenty of adhesive for the tread to stringer connection and a small bead for the riser to tread ( this joint can be wood glue also instead of adhesive) keep a wet rag handy to wipe any excess glue away immediatly

Re: Laying new threads and risers

Thanks Jkirk. Exactly what I needed to know. I intended to countersink the holes. I already bought the wood plugs.

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