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Laying new hardwood flooring over very old linoleum tile flooring

I am planning to put down Bruce hardwood Natural Choice Strip flooring over my very old linoleum(?) tile flooring. I spoke with someone on the technical support line at Bruce and was told that we could glue or staple the floor directly over the old flooring. We can't take the old flooring up. It is glued directly to the subfloor with a glue that we suspect contains asbestos given its age...and with the few pieces that have been removed, splinters and wood pieces from the subfloor always come up with the glue. Anyway, the other problem is that the floor is not level. There are dips between the underlying joists so we were thinking of using a featheredge product to level out the floor...so the question is has anyone worked with this flooring product before and knows if gluing or stapling works better and if the featheredge product works well as to level the floor and is good for adhesion both to the existing floor and to the new product or is there another product that we should be using??

Re: Laying new hardwood flooring over very old linoleum tile flooring

Use the feather edge product, regardless if you glue or staple. You want as much contact between the new flooring and the old floor, as you can get. It will make a better job, less squeaks, and no flexing in the flooring if you put something heavy on it.

As far as staples vs. glue, I'd use them both. Just put a dab of the glue (I'm assuming it comes in a caulking tube) here and there. Not continuously. It's going to give you just that much more of a solid job.

If you're set on using a stapler, go ahead. I'm partial to floor nailers. They're a little more work but they can snug a piece of flooring up to the previous piece, a little better than a staple. Just my preference. You want it all tight.

Good Luck.

Re: Laying new hardwood flooring over very old linoleum tile flooring

These two posts indicate that hardwood strip flooring can be installed over glued down linoleum. I have seen posts on other sites that state linoleum must be removed before installing new hardwood strip flooring, so I'm now somewhat confused.

We have an 85 year old home in which 5 rooms have linoleum glued down to the original hardwood floors. I have no idea why someone would that, but anyway. We want to put in new hardwood flooring and the obvious easy solution is simply to put new flooring over the old linoleum. Are there, in fact, negative consequences to putting down new hardwood strip flooring over linoleum glued to old hardwood flooring or are these other sites just being overly particular?

Thanks for any assistance.

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