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laying flooring over tile

Hi I am a newbie and new to posting too!

Have a lot of DIY experience w husband.

Skip history in this paragraph if you wish! We are purchasing for rental a condo with 1 1/2 baths, both very small.Both have 40 year old ugly 1 inch ceramic tiles which have stood up through water damage to unit, no cracks, as sturdy as can be.The only obvious thing in a little bit unlevel,only slightly around one toilet which is original settling and most units have this.

Question? With only 2 floor tiling experiences behind us.No vinyl laying experience to speak of. What is the best way to lay vinyl over ceramic tiles in these small bathrooms?. What is best product to smooth out small amount of grout lines, and what product and how to make around toilet more level.

Also, would the new laminate stone patterns be an option? Or would they not stand up to water well?

I know some of you may say pull up the tile as my Son did in one of these condos. But with a renter and the age, heights are fine and it is felt that these very small tiles if they have stood up this long, they serve as an extra protection to condos below.

Any recommendations about options, how to do, products specifically to use, and things to do to put extra protection in the unit appreciated. Spending needs to be economical as for renters but looking to upgrade though could leave as is. I have toured some NEW 5 bedroom homes with vinyl in a stone or tile pattern recently as builders are cutting cost.

We have never laid vinyl or laminates before and will need to do that in kitchen and dining as this is pretty much a forced remodel.

Thanks for all ideas! I have done some research but like to collect points of view to get to best info. I find people who come here know their stuff. Thanks in advance!

PS: anyone who wants to critic my lack of posting skills I won't get offended.

Re: laying flooring over tile

Hi carol, im a flooring installer myself and as a professional i strongly urge you to remove the tile flooring but if u choose not to then get a floor leveling mix called ardex its a grey skimcoat that u mix with water when u apply it to the floor with a toothless trowel it will fill in all grout lines and its easy to fill in low places and level out dips as long as its not gonna end up bein over a half inch thick by the time your done, now it does take a while for it to dry completely so do it one day and put fans on it overnight once its dry its scrapable but hard like stone good luck hope this helps let us know how it turns out :cool:

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