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Lawn Drainage

I have an area of my front lawn (really yard as grass doesn't grow there very well) that is slightly depressed and when it rain, this area collects water and forms a puddle for a couple of days until it drains. I could add more loam but I'm not sure if I should prepare the ground somehow prior to adding loam. I have heard I should roto-till the area and till in some peat moss. Is that the best solution?

Re: Lawn Drainage

Yes, doing a roto-till and adding some peat moss to the present soil sounds like it would be do the trick---I would also add a few bags of coarse sand to allow the soil more drainage.

While you're at it, installing a ten to 20 foot 4" perforated plastic drain pipe at a slight pitch toward the sidewalk/street, or lower point from the lawn would get any water out of there that may be collecting at a lower impervious layer---you may have a layer of hardpan or clay under the section that is preventing water drainage.

If the sidewalk/street or other adjacent point is not at a lower point than the lawn, a small drywell/french drain would be another option.

It sounds like a lot of work & expense, but it's really not, and I'm sure your work will be well-rewarded.

Google "soggy yard" for sites that deal with water accumulation on lawns and laying a pitched drain, and drywall/french drain construction.


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