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lawn care help

I live in a cold-weather climate and my basic issue is lots of weeds and I'd like a thicker, healthier lawn.
I've been researching it and think I understand the basic steps, but I can't seem to find any information on the proper order, other than that you aerate first. After that, do you compost, overseed, and then fertilize (or weed and feed)? Or does composting (or top-dressing) come after the seeding?
I'd also love to know what kind of compost is best for promoting general lawn health.
Thanks in advance, any lawn experts!

Re: lawn care help

glurf, that's a really big question! It took me 10 years to finally get the gorgeous lawn we always wanted. Get a good manual on lawn care and read about the basics. Weed control is really easy. The hard part is establishing a healthy lawn with a rich, loamy base. Compost is excellent and can be applied almost anytime. Good seeding in the Fall is critical, just before the Winter. You should also read about the correct way to water (1" per week) and only in the early part of the day, never at night or in the evening. You should definitely read up on:

  • soil preparation
  • testing for acid/lime- pH balance
  • what and when to seed
  • when to fertilize (and how)
  • when and how to water
  • when and how to mow
  • insect control
  • disease control
  • preventing crabgrass
  • preparation for Winter

(So much more to discuss)

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