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Lathe & Plaster Wall Insulation

I have an 90+ year old house in BalaCynwyd, the first train stop on the Main Line outside of Philly. The house is three stories with the first story being a stone foundation and the two top floors being a Tudor stucco. I am redoing every room in the house, and on some outside walls I have been taking the lathe and plaster out, insulating and then dry walling. I will not be able to do this on all of the outside walls however- Question is what do you do to insulate-- there is none right now and the air just blows in-- heating bills are enormous. Do you cut a hole on top of the wall between the studs and blow insulation in?/ What type is best as the house is also knob and tube electrical wiring. Is spraying foam possible and better. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Lathe & Plaster Wall Insulation

injection foam could be your answer. You may want to check with the building department about the knob and tube. injection foam has been used in lots of homes that use it and they have had no problems, the foam has no Electrical conductance and is fire resistant, alot higher R-value the cellulose, 5.1 per in, but who knows what they will say.

www.injectionfoam.com find some one near you


Re: Lathe & Plaster Wall Insulation

Tx. for feedback. This is the way I was leaning. Are you aware of places that would rent the equipment for a DIY type of guy like me?

Timothy Miller
Re: Lathe & Plaster Wall Insulation

Howdy knob and tub wiring requires air space to keep wiring cool . Check with any electrician and they will tell you not to insulate areas containing knob and tub. Otherwise make sure you home owners insurance is paid and you have a low deductible as you may need it...
So re wire or insulate away from the know and tub...

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