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Latex Vs. Oil for wood trim

I have a question about repainting the wood trim in our recently bought house. My Dad always taught me to use an oil-based paint for wood trim (he preferred Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo). Now I'm being told that we should use a Semi-Gloss Latex instead b/c they have improved so much over the years. What do you think? I know the Latex will be easier and cleaner to apply, but will it hold up as well over time and be easy to clean over the years? Thanks!

Re: Latex Vs. Oil for wood trim

Ok for old style systems!!. The oil primers penetrate the wood better than any latex primers ever will. But if the trim is preprimed, probably good for 90 days frm date of manufacture, then you can use either. The oil willlevelbetter than the latex but some companies have a latex-modified that acts like an oil. I think PPG has one and so does the Northwest co., Miller paint.

They realized that the EPA changes to oil and VOC content in all paints was going to change the salability of oils so the asked the chemists to create a latex that would level like oil.

Of course application is a key factor. Brush generlly leaves tell-tale that you've been there with a brush but spray will be smoother depending on your spraying viscosity!!

Sound Fun?? My advice is to use up the oils we have for sale and when we can't absolutely get any more, then go to latex, which is really 100% acrylic anyway. Ben Moore is the tops in my book too, though they recently had to change their labeling tomeet the EPA guidelines, callinmg it equipment enamel I think.

Garrett Edmands Berkshires Ma/ Ashland /Oregon

Re: Latex Vs. Oil for wood trim

I'm in the process of installing all new trim in a master bathroom. I let Sherwin Willimas talk me into the latex for the reasons you mentioned. I switched back to the Benjamin Moore oil-based enamel after a few pieces. There is no comparison. The Benjamin Moore levels beautifully and hardens up after a couple of weeks almost like plastic (based on my use of this over a couple of decades).

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