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latex over oil paint

Hi there my problem is in my kitchen the paint in different areas is starting to peel, also in my bathroom. I have a feeling as this is a new home to me that the owner did a "really nice" touch up job and painted latex over oil with no primer in between:mad: I have been advised of a few things to do. One person said to peel all the latex off before repriming and then painting.. yeah that isn't going to happen as will take me forever. Another said if I putty the areas peeled already and sand that I should be able to put a oil primer over and leave it for at least a week before repainting..another said just use a high quality bonding primer (whatever that is?) again after putty and sanding peeled areas..And do I put latex over the oil primer after..I haven't ever done anthing like this before and am totally out of my comfort level here..help!:

Re: latex over oil paint


Best would indeed be to strip the peeling finish entirely. Short of that, you want to peel it back to where it is reasonably tight. After all, the adhesion of the new paint or primer is only as good as the underlying paint which has already been peeling! You will then want to prime the entire srface with an oil based primer sch as Zinssers Cover Stain. After dry, feather in any areas that show the peeling lines. You will want to use spackling compound or drywall compound, not "putty". I personally prefer drywall compound for its ease of sanding. Also, it can be feathered into the old surface by use of a dampened sponge when dry, leaving no discernable line. Finally, spot prime the feathered in areas.

At this point, you can paint a couple good coats of either a latex/acrylic paint, or continue with oil. Traditionally, in a humid bath situation, semi-gloss would be preferred due to its moisture resistance. However, in recent years, there are now lower sheen paints which are suitable for bath areas too. I have Behr Ultra Eggshell in both my baths and have had very good results, especially in the smallish guest bath which my son really likes to steam up with his showers.

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