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Latex over Oil-Based Paint Screw-up Disaster

I would really appreciate some help.

Every molding around every door, window, baseboard and crown molding in my house was painted with latex and previously painted with an oil-based paint.  

What is the result if I were just to leave it?

The painter who did it, claims he didn't realize it.  I understand there are 3 options: Fix it, replace it, or leave it.

If I leave it, what will be the result?  (What is the effect of latex over oil-rubbed based moldings?)

FYI I have 1,300 linear feet of molding and 14 doors (2 sided of course) that need to be fixed or replaced.  

Thank you...very much

Re: Latex over Oil-Based Paint Screw-up Disaster

Latex can be used over oil based paint. I generally use an oil based primer before latex paint.


Re: Latex over Oil-Based Paint Screw-up Disaster

Modern 100% acrylic water based paints actually can bond quite well directly to oil paint. What product was used and what preparation was done, such as washing and scuff sanding of the old finish before the new application? For sure, "builder grade" paints are going to present problems as to adhesion and final appearance.

Has the paint begun to peel? Can you scrape it off with your fingernail ? Does it otherwise look OK? Water based trim paints are generally very hard to get smooth finishes with a brush, as the set time is SO fast. Oil paints generally level out better than WB paints.

If you are otherwise satisfied with the appearance, you might just want to wait and see how it performs. Removing the old finish would be a terrible job and expense. It probably would require chemical strippers to remove it.


Removing then new finish would be a horrible job and expense, which probably could not be done without chemical strippers.

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