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Large washers for roof underlayment

On a recent episode of TOH, they secured an underlayment (fiberboard?) for a flat rubber roof with some large (3-4" OD) galvanized steel washers. These washers had a small ID - maybe 1/2".

What are these called, and where can I find them? Not having any luck with Google...:(

Re: Large washers for roof underlayment

If you google "nuts, bolts and washers" you'll get wholesale and retail sellers of such items. If they don't list the size you are looking for, maybe you can contact them and ask them. They should know. When you find out, let us know.
I haven't seen that segment of TOH, but I would assume that these washers secure the underlayment to the roofdeck/rafters for better wind protection.

Hank Bauer
Re: Large washers for roof underlayment

ou are looking for an Insulation Plate.
Also called Plates - Stress Plate - Insulation Plate
Used with roofing insulation.
Check your local roofing supply warehouse.
You can find this item at Best Materials.

Re: Large washers for roof underlayment

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for.


Re: Large washers for roof underlayment

Also called *cap nails*
They are available in round or square heads -- plastic or metal -- though for roofing you want the metal.

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