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Laminate Flooring

Was wondering if anyone has ever used and underlayment for their laminate flooring that already has and underlayment attached to the existing board to raise the height of the flooring to meet a connecting tile floor. I am trying to find a way to raise the floor a bit higher to be as level with the tile floor as possible.

Re: Laminate Flooring

How much higher do you need to go?

Re: Laminate Flooring

its done everyday in new construction and renovations so to create a even transition between two different flooring types so that a reducer isnt required.. just figure out the difference between the laminate then buy plywood that thickness and bang it down

Re: Laminate Flooring

I agree with the advice the krik, but if you can share some picture with us; we will able to advice a right solution for this problem.

Re: Laminate Flooring

It depends on what your definition is for raise the floor a (bit) higher....

Re: Laminate Flooring

you dont need pictures to figure it out.. just simple math

where the laminate will meet the tile simply measure the height of the tile off the subfloor where the laminate will be.. if your tile is 7/8" higher than the subfloor where the laminate will be simply subtract the thickness of the laminate flooring and this will give you the thickness of underlay you need.. i.e 7/16" laminate will require laying 7/16" underaly. or if your putting down 3/8" laminate you need 1/2" underlay

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