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Re: Laminate with dogs???
rwells16 wrote:


I have a questions as it relates to laminate floors. I just moved into my first townhome so I am new to being a homeowner. I have 2 dogs and feel like I am constantly steamcleaning my carpets. I want hardwood floors or something like it.

1. Is laminate my best option
2. Will the laminate stand up to the durability of the dogs

As a lifelong large dog owner I have tried every floor around, carpets do not work, linoleum gets scratched, wood floors will be scratched and it doesn't matter what type of wood, i.e. parquet, hardwood, softwood.
Laminates are just a cheap plastic-like material that is mostly glue,like formica it will scratch and dent, it will like all wood- warp if the dog spills the water bowl over while you are at work, or liquid accidents remain a while.

The only flooring I have ever found that WILL hold up, and hold up for life is tile, thus, all the floors in my house except my front parlor where the dogs are not allowed, and my sculpture studio room are covered with a white porcellain tile that has a stone-like look.
Porcellain is much harder and stronger than regular ceramic tile, as a result it is very difficult to cut when installing unless you have a carbide blade.

People always say "tile is so cold!" no, it's not, unless your floor is laid over an unheated crawl space on the ground floor, my basement is heated and the ducts all run under the floors to the various floor vents, as a result the ducts also warm some of the floor up above them.
EVen here in Iowa winters I never wear more than socks.
Having tile doesn't mean you can't have some throw rugs, an oval braided rug or runners work nicely and if they are not too large you can machine wash them.

I totally HATE carpet, they are nothing less than dust and odor collectors, and with dogs the fleas breed and live in them, since I have only one throw rug- under the dining room table and chairs, I have ZERO fleas in my house and have not had fleas in over a decade- exactly because I have a floor that fleas simply can't survive with.
With tile, I simply vacuum, and then mop and it always looks great, it never scratches, splits, delaminates or anything.

My tile I set over two layers of 3/4" plywood screwed to the joists, and screwed to one another every 6 inches, topped with 1/2" thick cement board also screwed down to the plywood every 6 inches, then the tile was laid on thinset mortar and grouted.

I've never regretted putting in tile, not once!

I bought the tile at Menards, as I remember it was on sale for $1 a square foot, and I bought enough to do every room in the house including the bedroom. The price was cheaper than carpet, cheaper than wood.

I bought the 14" squares and laid them out in alternating rows similar to the way bricks are laid up, that eliminated long lines of grout in one direction and I really liked the looks.

Re: Laminate with dogs???
Sofarris wrote:

We had the same worry. When we got a Choc Lab a year ago we got rid of all the carpets down stairs, through fear of them being peed on all the time. A year later and there are raises in the grains, where pee and water have gotten in.
She seems to be fine with the laminate floors, but that could just be because she's used to them. I think we'll go back to carpet in a few months, now that she only pees in the night time.

We have a 3 month old yellow Lab who has miserably failed potty training so far...so we have at least another YEAR to go?? AHHH!

Re: Laminate with dogs???

I have laminate floors that are 10 years old and originally owned 2 large dogs that have passed away and now own 2 chihuahuas and 1 pit bull and as long as I was training them I had to clean it up right away and caused no problems .All my dogs were rescues .My whole house 2440 sq.ft .


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