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Laminate with dogs???


I have a questions as it relates to laminate floors. I just moved into my first townhome so I am new to being a homeowner. I have 2 dogs and feel like I am constantly steamcleaning my carpets. I want hardwood floors or something like it. I am thinking about ripping up the carpet and putting down laminate. As you could probably imagine I am on some sort of budget but am willing to bend a little on cost. The area I am doing is about 300 sq feet so it is not a huge area. My questions are:

1. Is laminate my best option
2. Will the laminate stand up to the durability of the dogs
3. What type or brand of laminate would you reccomend most
4. The larger of my two dogs drips water on the floor when she drinks....will this damage the laminate in any way (we put a towel under her bowl to try to keep it dry as possible)

Any and all info would be much appreciated because again...I am so new to this

Thank you
Rob Wells (Nanuet, NY)

Re: Laminate with dogs???

You should also consider the dogs in this decision. If the dogs are used to carpet, they may have a very difficult time walking on the laminate, especially if they're big dogs. I ripped the carpeting up in my bedroom and for the first time my Golden was exposed to hardwood floors. For 9 years he slept on his bed next to mine, and once I ripped up the carpet, he no longer slept in his bed. He avoided my room almost altogether.

We just moved to a Colonial with hardwood floors in the dining room and sitting room. He's okay on them but prefers the carpeted areas.

I had laminate in a bathroom in my old house, and I didn't like the way it wore. It dulled and seemed to pick up "spots" that wouldn't come out. It was a rarely used small bathroom, but the Pergo just didn't seem to wear well. I would not install it again.


Re: Laminate with dogs???

Thanks Terry for your response and feedback. If carpeting is the way to go then what type of carpeting works best with animals and the wear and tear they give off. Is there a specific brand I should be looking at or grade???


Re: Laminate with dogs???

I'm no expert by any means, but I would stay away from anything with high pile. My Golden would lay on his side and scratch the carpet and by the time we moved, it had permanent scratch marks in it. The Berber wore well, and of course, you can't go wrong with commercial carpeting except maybe aesthetically. It may be just a sales pitch, but I think some carpeting companies advertise specific carpeting for pets.

All of that said, I know people that have lots of dogs and have nothing but laminate in their houses. I think it is really what the dogs get used to. But I did feel bad for my nine year old Golden when I took up the bedroom carpet. And I would never install Pergo again.

Good luck.


Re: Laminate with dogs???

I've had dogs my entire life. Through carpet, hardwood floors and laminate - big and small.

Laminate does NOT stand up to dogs if you are not very cognizant of its upkeep. After time the laminate will peel (with urine accidents and/or water damage). The laminate is also more prone to surface scratching (from their nails). So really I would say it depends on the habits of your pet and/or their size.

If your problem is just the carpet and keeping your floors clean, I would highly suggest stone tile flooring - something that isn't too porous (stay away form Travertine if your pet has frequent accidents). Porous stone flooring will also stain since it will absorb any liquid into the stone if unfinished.

If your budget allows for it I'd look into it. If you like the look of wood, then hardwood flooring that is sealed would be your best bet.

Best of luck.


Re: Laminate with dogs???

We originally had carpet but took it out because the dog was staining it with food, dirty paws and a couple of accidents. Carpet seems to retain the smell of the dog so we didn't want to keep it.

We have laminate now and I really like it. The dog is fine with the laminate but when she gets a little excited she tends to scratch the floor. We wanted a light color but went with a middle stain, so it wouldn't show the scratches or stains as much as the dark or light color. Tile in the kitchen makes the dog slide when she runs in but is easier to clean when she drools or drops water and food.

Re: Laminate with dogs???

i never had a dog :(

Re: Laminate with dogs???

i had one 10 years ago, i alway remember about him, best dog ever in my life.

Re: Laminate with dogs???

As dogs age and their hips and leg start giving out, they have a hard time standing up and walking on the slick hardwood.

As to carpet: avoid continuous loop carpeting such as berber. If the dog snags it, he can cause a long "run" just like in a woman's nylon. Also, I once came home to find my dog stuck to the floor . The ring on his collar had snagged the berber carpet and he could not free himself.

In short, if going with carpet, get cut loop types. Also, looking down the road, while the old carpet is ripped out, take the opportunity to seal the underlayment. Again, as dogs get older, they become incontinent. It is a lot easier to get the urine up without it causing a lingering odor if the floor has been sealed with an oil or shellac based primer. Also, buy a "Little Green Machine" from Bissell. These small wet vacumns are very handy for extracting doggy accidents form the carpet, as well as other spills and such.

Re: Laminate with dogs???

Anyone who has pets knows not to expect perfect floors at all times. The two just don't go together.

Re: Laminate with dogs???

Where we don't have original 1920's hardwoods the floors are beige granite that hide ALL the dirt and hair. Can't tell when its dirty or clean.


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