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La Villa Strangiato

Well. My first post here. And I think the title just about sums up my house, in addition to it being a great song from Rush. ;)

Right now I am attempting to deal with one of the strange issues in my house. A little background - it was originally built and owned by Southern Pacific Railroad in 1918 in Rocklin, California and then moved to Roseville, California in about 1926. We have proof from PG&E that a gas line was installed on the property in 1927, along with some other interesting paperwork. The house was originally 20x40 (800sf) and today it is 1500sf. Over the years up to 1951 the house was expanded in many directions (I kid you not about the thread title.)

So... my problem: The #4 bedroom was added on probably in the 30's. The material they used? Well, they used 3" tongue and groove flooring on the floor.... and then up the walls... and then on the ceiling... and then in the closet! The entire room is encased in this subfloor material. Then it looks like they used some type of wool(?) or coarse paper as wallpaper and it looks like perforated wallpaper. Then later, someone put 3/8" drywall over that and then mudded it up and turned it into one ugly mess. I've managed to strip out most of the drywall, but I stopped at the ceiling because on one side of the ceiling, it curves down from about 7' to 6' because of the roof. So, will replacement 3/8" drywall be bendable enough for me to get it back in there and have the same curvature, or should I just leave it there and just replace all the straight looking walls?

*** Well, after a trip to my friendly local Home Depot, I have discovered that I can purchase 4'x8' 1/4" thick sheets of drywall. This would be ideal to bend to the curvature I need on the ceiling. Since I have your undivided attention, I plan to try to do an 'imperfect smooth' texture on the walls as we are trying to leave this house as it might have appeared in 1940. Any tricks I should know about?

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!! Thanks.


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