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knotts in ceder siding

Looking for some advise on painting ceder siding.
Have a house that is 15 years old with ceder siding. The siding needs painted and has many wood knotts that have fallen out of the boards. What is the best way to repair this?? It would cost losa great deal of money to replace the boards with orig. ceder. Is there any ticks or helpful advise on how to repair before painting??


Re: knotts in ceder siding

I have used "Bondo" for years to take care of fallen out knots and woodpecker holes. I tape the perimeter of the whole to prevent the Bondo from getting smeared into the surrounding texture of the wood. I build up the Bondo until one more coat will top it off. I then take a plastic spackle knife and cut teeth in it with the edge of a file. I then put the final coat of Bondo on and draw the toothed scraper over the wet Bondo to simulate the rouge cedar siding texture. After pulling the tape, the hole should hardly be noticable.

MinWax makes a polyester wood filler, but I swear it is nothing but Bondo with a wood tone to it. It sure smells the same and it costs twice as much!

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