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Knocking pipes

We had a shower faucet that was leaking. It was a single handle Moen. I went to Home Depot and got the correct replacement stem. After replacing the stem if anyone turns on and off the cold water the pipes start knocking. It sounds like it is coming from right above the shower faucet. I Googled the problem and most said to turn off the water to the house which I did. Open all sillcocks and faucets in the house and leave open for about an hour. I did this. Turned on the water and started closing the valves and faucets. Still have the problem. Don't really want to start taking drywall off to find the problem since I didn't have this problem before changing the stem.

I can't get to the pipes that are hammering without removing drywall. Since I have a water heater in my attic can't I cut the cold input and solder in a tee with a copper stand pipe in that and cap it off. Will that do the same thing? If so how long should the stand pipe be? If that won't work who handles an accumulator. HD & Lowes don't show having them.

Re: Knocking pipes

The fix you were given was designed to get the trapped air out of the system. Its a good try, but sometimes doesn't work, depending on how your individual house is plumbed.

You have either a very slightly leaking valve and / or need some arrestors installed to take care of the sudden change in pressure when the valve is closed.

To check for a slightly leaking valve, take apart what you did and flush the valve out before installing the parts back. Wash off the new parts before re-installing.

There are pre-made arrestors which get installed right above where the supply lines get attached to the shower valve body. If you can solder, you're able to do this with a few tees and elbows. Access would be needed from the non tiled side.

Re: Knocking pipes

Actually you probably did have the "problem", it just wasn't making the noise because of the leak. What happens is that water is flowing in the pipe and you suddenly stop it at one end, but the rest of the water still has momentum and keeps moving until it builds up enough pressure to stop it. That creates a pressure spike or shock wave that travels back and forth in the pipes.

Anyplace that the pipes are not secured enough, a knocking sound will be heard. One way to stop the shock wave it to introduce some air in the system. Unlike water, air can be compressed and it will absorb the shock wave. Many times, a plumbing system will have a riser in it. That is a piece of pipe that rises above most of the system and is capped off. It traps air and acts as a shock absorber.

Who ever advised you to drain your pipes thought you had some risers that became "waterlogged". Draining the pipes would reintroduce the air that they need. BTW, the noise you hear is called a "water hammer' and the riser is known as a water hammer breaker.

A simple way to solve this is to go to your hardware store and ask for an accumulator. These are located near the hoses for washing machines. It is a small, vertical brass pipe with a rubber bladder inside it that holds a charge of air. You simply disconnect your hoses to your washing machine and put one in each line between the hose and the faucet. A water hammer breaker (accumulator) can be anywhere in your system to be effective everywhere.

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