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Knob/Tube upgrade guesstimates?

**sorry for the cross-post**

We're combing through a 178-page (yikes!) seller's disclosure on a 120-year-old Victorian, and are trying to put rough dollar values to each major item we see (roof, knob/tube electric, etc).

Before we make any offer, we plan to solicit real estimates from professionals. In the meantime, does anyone have a good resource (website, etc) to get the ballpark prices we should assume in our thinking?

Many thanks.


Re: Knob/Tube upgrade guesstimates?

I would think that the best ( most accurate ) estimates would come from contractors in your area . Material and labor costs vary in different parts of the country and local codes could also change the cost of construction or repairs .

Re: Knob/Tube upgrade guesstimates?

thanks for the replies - i couldn't agree more that the actual local estimates are the only way to make a concrete decision.

The trouble is, we live 2 hours away, and soliciting those estimates would be a significant burden in and of itself. I'm literally looking for conservative assumptions i should work into a budget spreadsheet i'm creating - e.g. re-wiring knob/tube = $15k.

If the guesstimates add up to something worth pursuing further, i'll certainly get real numbers before we lock ourselves into anything!

thanks again for your time


Re: Knob/Tube upgrade guesstimates?

I personally rewired a 1917 house with knob and tube wiring. It wasn't so much of a rewire as it was installing new romex and structured wiring in an 1850 sq ft house without removing the walls. There was hardly any electric in the house at all except for the kitchen remodel that was wired wrong anyways. The only thing I didn't need to change was the circuit breaker box in the basement because it was new. I did add a subpanel in the finished attic. If I had to do it again, I would put a ball park price on the project of about $15,000. At the time I was helping friends get into their starter home. The price will vary depending on accessibility to where the wires need to go and quantities of devices. If the walls are getting ripped out and there is minimal fishing to be done the price will be lower. Also, in western NY it costs approx $2000 to install a replacement 200 amp service. That includes permits and inspection. Besides getting estimates like others have mentioned, I would be sure to hire a licensed electrician, if you have a choice. Also, check any contractor's liability and workers comp insurance and get the work inspected. Hope this helps.

Re: Knob/Tube upgrade guesstimates?

wireman - thanks. this gives me a great starting point to play with in my prelim. budget, and is consistent with what i've been hearing from contractor buddies.


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