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Re: Knob & Tube Wiring
Fencepost wrote:

If you do buy this house, when you do the rewiring I recommend installing 4-plex outlets in the bedrooms. With all the electronic devices people have nowadays, you'll need a place to plug them in and not having to use a power strip would be wonderfully convenient.

For example, my wife and I each have a lamp, a clock radio, and a cell phone charger on our nightstands. One duplex receptacle on each side of the bed just doesn't cut it.

I'm with you there. Recently I've been wishing just about every outlet in the house was a quad based on your reasoning.
That's the least of the OP's thoughts at this point though.:)

Re: Knob & Tube Wiring
Fencepost wrote:

For example, my wife and I each have a lamp, a clock radio, and a cell phone charger on our nightstands. One duplex receptacle on each side of the bed just doesn't cut it.

Those receptacles with USB ports built in may be nice in your case. Most cell chargers are USB cables now. Can save the hassle of installing a new box.

Re: Knob & Tube Wiring

Thanks everyone! We thought a lot about this & submitted our response to the home inspection today. We asked to have a licensed electrician come out to the home to inspect and confirm if the knob & tube wiring is still active, and if so, provide an estimate for removal and re-wiring. We're asking the sellers to replace the wiring if it is still active. I'm hoping they are on board, but if not, we still have the option to walk away. I love the house so I hope it all works out!

Re: Knob & Tube Wiring

Add one vote for a price reduction over having them fix it. You'll have no way of knowing for sure if they fixed everything until years later, if ever.

If you have it fixed yourself you can make sure its done correctly.

John freeman
Re: Knob & Tube Wiring

I have one further comment. Based on my experience in houses in which people have several appliances on their kitchen counter I decided if I ever wired my own house I would install four instead of the required two small appliance countertop kitchen circuits and I would also dedicate the microwave. Further, in the area where the most appliances are, I would install a double-duplex (quad) receptacle with at least two circuits going to it.

You can ask your electrician what this means.

I also agree with other members to not trust the owner to fix the wiring. There are a zillion shortcuts one can take with wiring and you, as the customer, are not going to know when this happens.

Re: Knob & Tube Wiring

Knob and tube is safe... unless you insulate, or you have a mouse in the wall, or a squirrel, or a leak, or something loose, or reach your hand in the wall or run a snake though, at which point it can burn your house down.

And a house is not "what it is," it's a commodity. You shouldn't be stuck with their mistake and pay a upgraded price for a non-upgraded house. You made a bid on X and found out it was Y, so subtract the difference in values and bring that to the seller. I wouldn't expect them to pat to fix it (and would not trust the owner to do it) but they will lower the price for you, because now they will have to disclose that to all other potential buyers as well. We did this with some structural and roof issues that came up during inspection, and we couldn't get insurance at all (and thus no mortgage) until we signed a contract with an electrician to upgrade the fuse box and have it complete within 30 days of purchase.

Anyway, that sounds like what you did, how did it go?


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