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Kithchen remodel

Need help; i would like to remodel kitchen; paint cabinets,lay laminate floor, paint walls or wallpaper, half wall paneling of some type, possibly re-tile backsplash and over counter tops;; no electrical;; WHICH DO I DO FIRST? if someone could list steps in order, greatly appreciative

A. Spruce
Re: Kithchen remodel

Sounds like quite a project. Do you have more specific questions?

Re: Kithchen remodel

thanks for the reply; i need to know which one to do first; floor or cabinets, walls or floor, tile backsplash or paint cabinets; a list would be very helpful; thx keith

Re: Kithchen remodel

I would say to do all your prep work first, i.e: take out the old floor, sand cabinets and walls. Next I would paint the walls, then the cabinets. If you are going to wall paper, paint the cabinets first and then put up the wall paper. After the cabinets and walls are painted tile the back splash and finally finish with the floor, that way you don't have to worry about dropping stuff on it. That is the way I would do it but others may have other theories. Good luck in your project.


Re: Kithchen remodel

Here are the construction cliff notes;

1- Plan plan plan, Measure a few dozen times. Pick out EVERYTHING. Ok maybe not the paint color just yet, but know where you are headed. You have to know the undercabinet lighting so the wire sticks out of the wall in just the right spot so it is ready 12 steps from now.
2- demo
3- framing- fix the old stuff to handle a tile floor (deflection) build new walls / closets / bracing for cabinets
3- rough plumbing (see #1)
4- HVAC (see #1)
5- rough electric (see #1)
6- insulation
7- drywall
here things get optional, but this is how we do it
8- paint
9- flooring
10- cabinets
11- order the granite
12- trim work
13- finish / trim out electric
14- finish / trim out plumbing
15- install appliances
16-stand back and enjoy your work
17- turn around and look at the rest of the house and what you can do next. Or not.

Re: Kithchen remodel

I recommend taking beer breaks between jobs.

Re: Kithchen remodel
dj1 wrote:

I recommend taking beer breaks between jobs.

Most definitely! :p

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