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Kitchen wall cabinets

I'm getting ready to install kitchen cabinets onto plaster walls. What is the best hardware to use?

Re: Kitchen wall cabinets

You need to locate the studs and use screws long enough to pass through the plaster into the studs.


Re: Kitchen wall cabinets

Optimal would be to install a French Cleat, then hang the cabinets. This would be especially ideal if your walls are out of plumb, the studs are far apart or don't wind up where you need them, the plaster is very thick or not in good shape.

Oh and use an impact driver to set the screws

Re: Kitchen wall cabinets

All of the above, and let me add:

1. Remember to start from the corner and work your way away...

2. Regardless if the walls are plumbed, your cabinets must be mounted leveled.

3. You can find cabinet coarse screws, at least 2.5" long for this purpose. They are easier to drive into the studs. Drive at least 4 in each narrow cabinet. More in wide cabinets.

4. While 1 person can do the job, it's better to have a helper.

Re: Kitchen wall cabinets

I deal with a fair number of old slat-lath plaster homes where the standard stud spacing is wherever one happens to be at- which may be over 2 feet away. In those cases you either cleat or you use toggle bolts and a steady, strong helper. If you toggle them up, the wall must be very sound and in homes this old that is an even bet at best.

Whatever you build is never better than what it's built on top of, so sometimes you can't go forward till you fix what's behind.


Re: Kitchen wall cabinets

french cleat usually works wonders in such cases.


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