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Kitchen Uh-O HELP

I thought I would be nice and help my grandmother paint her kitchen. Using someone else's advise i washed the walls down and started scraping the loose paint. The paint came off along with the sheet rock cover (? not sure what to call that). I was told that I could put a primer on them and then paint.. What kind of primer and what kind of paint do I need? I have never done any painting before and I am way over my head! Her house is very old and hasn't had any attention in years. My g-mother is coming home from the hospital in 3 days and I really need some advise..
Thanks - Cristy:confused:

Re: Kitchen Uh-O HELP

You've made some mistakes here (probably used too much water and too much elbow grease...), but you can't dwell on those mistakes right now.

Unfortunately for you, a nice paint job is only as good as the prep job and how smooth and perfect the surface is.

If your drywall is not smooth, you will need to bring it to a good condition by skim coating, then wait for it to dry, sand, clean lightly before priming and painting.

Good luck.

Tacoma John
Re: Kitchen Uh-O HELP

I wish I knew what type of paint is on the walls, oil or latex. Check the walls first using fantastic or 409 on the old paint that is exposed. Spray some on, wait 5 minutes and wipe. If it is sticky, it is latex, if it is smooth it is oil. If it is latex spot prime areas that need a skim coat of dry wall compond, "mud", with Zinner's 123 primer. If it is oil, spot prime Zinner's cover stain. You must prime an area larger than you are going to mud because it will not adhear to paint. Sand smooth, it may take more than one coat. Prime whole kitchen with primer you used above. Paint with latex paint satin or higher sheen.

Re: Kitchen Uh-O HELP

Sounds as if for whatever reason, someone used a low quality paint in the kitchen. A good paint would not have let water immediately soften the underlying drywall mud. I'd probbly give the whole room a general priming, followed by mudding the damaged areas, sanding and then re-priming the patched areas.

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