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Kitchen Soffits in Conjunction w/Electrical work

I am remodeling a garage into a kitchen. i have the floor(plywood), wall studs and plumbing roughed. Brought in the electrician and he explained the soffit had to be built first and the bottom piece of drywall(to which the top of the cabinets butt up to) retreat in between the studs to the original cinder and brick wall for fire code. Is this correct. All i have found is that you build them after the place has already been drywalled. He explained fire inside the wall could get into the soffit space so they want that area closed off. Any advice is helpful.

Re: Kitchen Soffits in Conjunction w/Electrical work

Technically true. Is it getting inspected?
I added soffits to my kitchen and painstakingly firestopped everything behind/above it.
It would be easier to drywall the walls and ceiling, then erect the framing for the soffits, unless the soffit gets used for ducts, wiring, plumbing.
Rockwool, sheet metal, drywall, and firestop foam all have a place in the firestopping game.

Re: Kitchen Soffits in Conjunction w/Electrical work

Thanks. The more I think about it. The more it all makes sense. Any new build or even remodel will have studs backed by plywood or drywall creating somewhat tight airspaces between the studs. Since I have stubs in front of brick and cinder walls that are uneven, a fire could run up the wall into the soffit or even to another stud space next to it. Think I am going to use fireblocker foam to seal the gaps between the studs and cinder/brick walls and do the dry wall as the electrician recommended. All i have to do is the bottom he said, until I am good an ready to drywall the whole place. Bottom just has to be in for the electrical inspector to say ok. Thanks again for your reply.

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