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Kitchen sink, toilet, and bathroom sink backed up into tub

For a few weeks now because we really can't afford the plumber at the moment. We have been using the other bathroom and it was fine. None of the water used in it backed up into the affected bathroom. We tried plunging tub and toilet, both at the same time while plugging up vanity sink drain and the overflow. It didn't work, and this black colored water continued to stand. We had to bail it out once. We stopped running water in the kitchen sink, because it would all drain into the tub. I bought a snake for the toilet, and this didn't unclog anything. Prior to the backing up, a sock had been flushed. :(

Today my husband uses the 25ft snake through the roof vent, which is above the affected bathroom. He pushed in all but the last 7ft, and met resistance. After he pushed that through, he heard swooshing and gurgling. The rest of the snake almost got away from him. Meanwhile, I'm in the functioning bathroom, and the dirty black water is backing up into that shower! I ran to the affected bathroom, and this water from the tub and toilet drained...but now the other bathroom is backed up. So he goes to this vent stack too and snakes it. No improvement, and now both bathrooms are out of commission.

Is the next step to snake the main line? We haven't found it yet, and it's buried. We have to do more digging, and we have a metal detector. The neighbor's, we checked the proximity of where theirs is located,so we have some idea.

What could be the trouble? When this clog moved and the other bathroom became disabled, that was the last thing we were expecting! :confused:

Re: Kitchen sink, toilet, and bathroom sink backed up into tub

You need to free your main line. You need to rent a bigger snake for the job. You need to know how to use it, so you don't lose the snake in the line and make things worse. You need to be careful and avoid injuries on the roof. You need to be careful with the pipes. There are a lot of things you need, and remember: "Sometimes, cheap is more expensive".

Get a plumber (or a drain cleaner from craigslist.org) to do the job. This job seems to be too much for you.

Re: Kitchen sink, toilet, and bathroom sink backed up into tub

Thank you for your input. I'm hoping we won't have to call anyone at this point, but even if the roof vent trick works, we are going to need to know where that main line cap is. Sewer pumping is overdue, and this is something we are saving the funds to get it done within the next three months. Last time was about 10 years ago.

We just checked both bathrooms, and this is was 2 hours after the snaking. The tub and toilets have drained all the way down, except the shower in the second bathroom hasn't. But it is going down very slow. I think that is a hair clog, and we haven't used that shower for two years because it needs major fixture repairs.

My husband said that the toilets both flush now. Now, the next thing is to run water in the kitchen sink. Wish us luck! :)

Re: Kitchen sink, toilet, and bathroom sink backed up into tub

If you have a septic tank this could be the problem. I had the same thing happen and it stopped after cleaning the septic tank. If you cannot find the main line, you may be able to clean it from the septic tank. Some septic tank companies suggest you have the tank pumped every year. This adds funds to their pocket. My sewer man suggested every three years.

If you do not have a problem with the tank, your leach field could be stopped up or crushed. The contractor who built the house could have run heavy equipment over the line and caused damage which is just now showing up.

I would uncover the tank. If there is plenty of water in it and not much solids you need your main line snaked. If that does not work dig out from the tank and uncover the distribution box (mine was crushed. Uncover the distribution box and see if water flowing into the various pipes. If not, you have a line problem. You can dig up and check these various problems yourself. But be carefule with the snakes, I had a nonprofesional run a line through my roof vent and he lost the snake. It caused more money problems than I saved with the non professional.

Re: Kitchen sink, toilet, and bathroom sink backed up into tub

The clean out for the main line should not be hard to find. If you have a floor plan for your house, then you can draw a line across the plan that would go under your kitchen sink and bathrooms. Where the line exits the house on each side, one side would go to the sewer system, the other side will have a clean out at that point.

If you have a garage or carport on the side away from the sewer system, it will be in the garage or carport so if you have a lot of stuff there, it could be hard to find. Sometimes you can use a garden hose as a snake, especially if it is older and has gotten a little stiffer or if it is a good heavy duty rubber hose.

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