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Kitchen Sink Oder

We recently bought an existing house that was generally in very good shape. One thing that we found that occasionally happens is that we will smell an order from the kitchen sink. It smells like the sewer gas type of oder.
One thing that I noticed is that under the sink there is a vent pipe that comes up to just below the height of the sink.
Could it be the pipe is not high enough or is there another problem and how do I fix it.

Re: Kitchen Sink Oder

Does the vent pipe have any type of cap on it? I recently learned of a studor vent and installed one in a similar fashion. only at the end of my vent pipe i put this studor vent. It has a one way rubber valve that allows air to be pulled into the drain line but will not allow water or air to flow back out of the pipe. Not sure but sounds like you may need one. Good luck!

Re: Kitchen Sink Oder

that is probally what he has and could be the problem it is spring loaded but the little rubber piece could be damaged and need to be replaced.

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